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Filling and emptying device

The automatic filling and emptying systems of EKIVINO SERIES 950 are designed to facilitate wine transfer and achieve productivity, accuracy and save time.

The system is has a pressure control device on the cane. There is a tube fitted in the cane and attached to a flexible tube connected to a digital control device, it registers the internal pressure and detects if the barrel is empty or full. The system also has a transfer gun for manual filling, mobile platform, emergency shut-down, timer and so on.

  • The operating control board is fitted with control and detection devices, along with appropriate electrical protections in accordance with CE standards (for operations at 24 V).
  • A switch allows the user to move from emptying to filling mode and vice versa, using the same stick for both tasks
  • Suitable and versatile, both for filling by gravity or with a pump
  • The automatic filling and emptying system has a 1.5 H.P. compressor for pneumatic operations. for pneumatic operations.
  • Its design guarantees a long useful lifetime, the whole device is made of stainless steel: simple to maintain and easy to clean.

* NOTE: Please note the standard equipment of the filling and emptying system does not include the transfer pump.


Dimensions (LxHxW) 500x570x1500mm
Power (H.P) 1,5
Three-phase voltage 240/400
Manoeuvre voltage 24
Inlet connection (DIN) NW 50
Weight (kg) 90
Material Stainless Steel AISI304
Flow rate (l/min) Depending on conditions



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