Barrel pressure washing and barrel treatment systems

Barrel washers, pumps and systems

Experts in designing and manufacturing industrial systems

Forty years designing and manufacturing industrial equipment and systems for the treatment of containers and providing innovative, flexible and differentiating technological developments that enable our customers to improve their competitive position and generate economic and social value.



Depósito de agua 100 l.

Bomba centrífuga en acero inox. de 4CV

4 ruedas

Depósito de agua 150 l.

Depósito de agua 200 l.


Other Services

Technical support

Our technical support service provides the client with a dedicated team capable of technical advice, repaire service, and spares dispatch for systems and devices related to the company’s business.

Maintenance Service

The operation and durability of the systems and devices is guaranteed through the maintenance service contracting. It includes regular reviews, technical advise and repairing services.


ISO 9001

Setting client satisfaction as our main goal, EKINSA has considered Quality as one of the fundamental pillars of the company. Therefore, the official certification according to the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 was obtained in design, manufacturing and high pressure technical support areas.

ISO 9000 are “quality” and “continuous quality management” standards, stablished by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They are applicable to any organization or systematic activity which produces goods or services. It consist of standards and guidelines related to systems management and also specific tools such as audit method (process in which managing systems comply with the standards).

In order to guarantee the quality of all the new applications and latest developments integrated in our systems, EKINSA cooperates with Technologic Centres where these systems are tested, verified and certified.

Its implementation in these organizations provides a wide range of benefits to the companies, including the following:

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Satisfied customers
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Completed projects
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Experts and advisors

17 Countries

EKINSA products are present in more than 17 countries because of its entrepreneurship and ability to undertake projects in multiple sectors.


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