Machine For Crate Washer

EKINSA crate washers are washing and/or rinsing tunnels that are made entirely of stainless steel, washing the crates internally and externally.


In both models, manual and automatic, crates are introduced manually. The difference between them is the internal movement, that in the automatic version it is done with a belt.
In both models, water is reused and filtered, reducing consumption and waste.

Plastic crate washer

Both models consist on:

Crate entrance and exit guides.

Washing tunnel.

Detachable panel on the side.

Water injectors for internal and external washing.

Adjustable guides in width and height.

Detachable grid filters.

Detachable filter on pump inlet.

Water deposit.

Drain valve.

Filling Valve.

Stainlees steel centrifugal pump 4HP. (*Note: automatic model has 2 pumps)

Electrical cabinet.

Four wheels. two of them orientable with brake.


Machine For Crate Washer

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