Recipient Washer

Machine that washes paint, dye and varnish recipients externally and internally with both high and low pressure water. the maximum temperature must not exceed 60ºC.

Lavarecipientes Ekinsa

It incorporates a multi-directional system with special nozzles for internal wash. Also, this machine has electrical cabinet with timer.

Dispensers can be added as an extra if the user is willing to use solvents, detergent or any other product suitable with the machine.

Depending on washing and draining times, the machine can wash up to 30 recipients/hour.

Possibility of connecting it to a close circuit, in order to reuse water.

Its design guarantees a long useful life. It is made of stainless steel which is simple to maintain and easy to clean

* Dimensions of the pump platform not included

Dimensions (LxHxW) Dimensions with ramp (LxHxW) Three-phase voltage (v) Material Washing time Temperature Maximum water (ºC) Impact pressure (bar) Maximum flow rate (l/m)
1885 x 2418 x 1990
3462 x 2418 x 1990
Acero Inox AISI 304
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Recipient Washer

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