Ozone Generator

Portable CIP machine (Clean In Place) is a portable generator of ozonized water and/or gas ozone, for recipient higienization as main goal.


This system is built on AISI316-L with epoxy resin , and it has a deposit where the mixture is made. It is suitable for disinfection duties on food industry. It is specially designed for a 60gr/h ozone production and a maximum concentration of 140gr/Nm3.
Water-phase production, up to 5PPM, depending on water quality and temperature (13ºC and drinking water).

Este equipo generador de ozono industrial es un sistema fabricado en acero inoxidable 316-L con resina epoxi y un depósito de agua donde se realiza la mezcla.

Es compatible con todo tipo de industria alimentaria para tareas de desinfección.

Especialmente diseñado para tener una aplicación en el tratamiento de agua con una producción de ozono de 60 g/h, y una concentración máxima de 140 gr/Nm3.

Producción en fase agua, hasta 5 PPM, dependiendo de la calidad y temperatura del agua (13ºC y con agua potable).

Applications Industrial Ozone Generator:

Suitable for disinfection of multiple recipients such as barrels, deposits, pipes, floors and walls, general machinery, epoxy surfaces and so on.

The Ozone Generator has the following components:


Ozone generator.

Ozone generator.

Flash reactors triple system.

High efficiency mixture ratio.

AISI316 90-litres deposit.

Wheels with brake.

Ozone Generator controls:

It is controlled by a PLC with colour STN touchscreen with USB conection.

Oxigen Purity Analizer.

Adjustable Ozone generation, from 0 to 100, depending on application surface.

Ozone Generator main features:

Humidity range >-70ºC.

Safety: Active charcoal catalyst which destroys residual O3, eliminating toxicity.

Ozigen concentrator.

2 air-compressor.

Titanium reactor with ceramic chamber.

Microperforated stainless steel diffusor.

Injection and diffusion mixture.

Dimensions: 1.450 x 900 x 1.327,50mm.

120kgs Industrial Ozone Generator.


Steam/water 60gr/h

Steam/water 40gr/h

Steam/water 25gr/h

Steam/water 12gr/h

Ozone generation Maximum Concentration Maximum flow rate Steam inlet Three-phase voltage Electrical consumption Electrical consumption Weight
60 gr/h. (depending model)
140 gr/Nm3
20 m3/h
10 l/min – 99% purity
280 V / 50Hz – 3 phase+N+T
2.500W – 15Amp
1.450 x 900 x 1.327,50
120 Kg


Ozone Generator

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