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Industrial Steam Generator

Portable device for steam cleaning without chemical products, using a 100% natural process.

Cleaning and sterilisation with high pressure steam at 180° and 10.5 bar

Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting filling and filtering lines. Also, dissolution and cleaning barrels, tanks, filters waste.

Specific disinfection through pores expansion method. It does not alter taste or flavour or any organoleptic properties.

Control and elimination of germs, bacteria, mould and yeast contamination.

Optional kit for connecting to other EKIGROUP devices to clean and treat containers: deposits, vats, casks, etc…

* NOTE: The pressurized water machine is not included in the standard equipment.


TECHNICAL DATA 7.2 10.8 14.4 21.6 28.8 36
Boiler Volume 7,3L 11L 12,5L 14L 14L 14L
Water Tank 10L 20L 22L 22L 22L 22L
Suitable filling and bottling line NO NO YES YES YES YES
Operating Pressure 6 bar 9 bar 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar 10 bar
Steam generation g.min. 19g/min 292 389 584 775 967
Temperature ºC 11,6 kg/h 17,5 kg/h 23 kg/h 35 kg/h 46,5 kg/h 58 kg/h
Power supply 400 V.3–50/60Hz 400 V.3–50/60Hz 400 V.3–50/60Hz 400 V.3–50/60Hz 400 V.3–50/60Hz 400 V.3–50/60Hz

Pmax. output

7,3 kw 10,9 kw 14,5 kw 21,7 kw 28,9 kw 36,1 kw
Boiler output 7,2 kw 10,8 kw 14,4 kw 21,6 kw 28,8 kw 36 kw
Weight 50kg 110kg 110kg 110kg 110kg 110kg




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Industrial Steam Generator