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225-300-500 L Manual Barrel Washer

Our 225-300-500 L Manual barrel washer is a portable device equipped with a multi-directional rotative head. A hot or cold high pressure water jet is used to clean the internal area of the barrel in 90″, performing an optimal and safe cleaning process.

This model includes easily interchangeable adapters to clean barrels of a volume from 225 to 600 litres.

It includes a safety coil for safe operation in the event of an electrical power failure.

All sensitive parts of the machine (engine, reduction gears, etc) are protected from water.

Its design guarantees a long useful life. It is made of stainless steel which is simple to maintain and easy to clean.

Suitable for 225-228-300-500-600 L barrels.

Suitable for hot water up to 90 ºC

* NOTE: The pressurized water machine is not included in the standard equipment.

Power (H.P) 0,25
Dimensions (LxHxW) 1470x1660x800
Weight (kg) 62
Three-phase voltage 240/400V 50-60Hz
Material Stainless Steel AISI304
Minimum Washing Time 90”
Temperature Maximum water (ºC) 60-90
Impact pressure (bar) 80-150
Required flow rate (l/min) 15


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