In order to obtain a more immediate support service for all its installations, Ekinsa’s R&D department is incorporating the EkinConnect device into its latest developments, in order to achieve a direct connection to its machines and be able to monitor them in real time and make modifications or corrections to the software of the computer and automatic systems.

This device establishes a direct connection between the customer’s machinery and Ekinsa’s technical department. EkinConnect can always be up and running or connected exclusively at the customer’s request, as it is the customer who has the ability to activate it when deemed necessary.

The security is maximum, since the connection is made with certificate-based security and 1024-bit encryption. In addition, to increase security, only one ethernet port needs to be routed to the external IP of the EkinConnect.

The I&D department is developing version 1.1 that will allow indirect connection, so that it is the machine that connects to the technical service, without the need to map ports or know the external IP of the installation, thus allowing the use of 3G networks or new LTE networks for installations where the connection of the installation is not possible.

This development is allowing to eliminate unnecessary travel costs of the technical department and mainly to give a faster service and according to the advances of the new technologies.

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